Aviation-inspired Leadership, Crisis Management & Decision-Making

Welcome! Flight Leaders is part of McGallen & Bolden Group, offering leadership training, crisis management, effective communication, and better decision-making skills, for corporations and aviation companies.

The aviation-inspired training and facilitation programs are co-developed by Capt. Michael Caston and Dr Seamus Phan.

Capt. Caston is an EASA & FAA certified CRM facilitator/trainer, human factors specialist, and a retired airline captain with more than 40 years of experience. Dr Phan is a corporate and leadership development consultant, communicator and strategist with nearly 40 years of industry and professional experience. Both Capt. Caston and Dr Phan make an excellent Red Team for your business, lending an incisive and collegial perspective to accelerate your business growth.

If you are a business leader or a team looking to expand and build your business, or if you are looking to build a crisis management and crisis communication program to better equip your business with incident-readiness, or if you like to work with a team who loves aviation and brings the best of aviation leadership, crisis management and communication principles into your ecosystem, we are your team!

We feature 2 types of training programs:

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