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COVID-19 and other crisis management programs

Our programs are ready and adapted to help CEOs, senior executives, leaders in any capacity, pilots, healthcare professionals (doctors, surgeons, ER professionals, crisis response professionals) make good decisions based on our fundamental guiding principles from our Servant Leadership for Aviation programs. This is especially important in today’s context of big challenges that confront leadership in many scenarios – COVID-19, pandemics, financial losses, crises, job cuts, trade wars, etc.

Happy New Year 2020

New Year Wishes for 2020 (a poem)

Here’s a poem Seamus wrote:

landing an aircraft

“What’s Next Leadership 2.0” Immersive Program

We have improved the “What’s Next Leadership” program and launched “What’s Next Leadership 2.0” program with immersive components.


Greetings for 2019, from the team

Have you labored through 2018,
And found it went all too vapid and fast?
Have you made a resolution or two,
And found them waft all away like dust?

Have you ran past myriad hurdles,
And found your chinked armor thickening?
Have you slayed many demons,
And found your success ever more blazing?

Have you slowed down now and then,
And found yourself and many whom you love?
Have you stood firm and dug your heels,
And found friends and even foes lifted you above?

Have you wondered of the year ahead,
And found countless doubts and questions?
Have you wondered what you hope for,
And found blessings like gold that glistens?

So it is our wishes for you my friend,
That past battles be stripes on your shoulder,
And on all the roads and valleys you travel,
Be the wisdom and peace your life find anchor.

A blessed New Year ahead!


McGallen & Bolden Group Wins Bronze Stevie® Award in 2018 International Business Awards®

McGallen & Bolden Group Wins Bronze Stevie® Award in 2018 International Business Awards® for PR Agency of the Year for Asia, Australia and New Zealand

flight leaders - providing simulations and cutting-edge leadership training

You want to be a real leader? Simulate everything until you master all

One of the hallmarks of leadership is to have immersive experiences that you can relate to personally, and then nuancing them to help develop your own people working with you. However, short of being hands-on on every single task, what are some of the options for gaining such experiences, especially for an emerging leader, a leader in training, or even a leader already entrenched in the field but placed in even more challenging environments?

APATS 2016, Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium, Seamus Phan, leadership, inspiration, motivation

Article on leadership (based on radio interview)

Why should leaders start looking beyond new Western management thought and the singular and often quoted Art of War? Can leaders learn from mission-critical professionals like airline pilots in managing people and businesses better? A recent radio interview presented us the opportunity to share our thoughts.

flight leaders - providing simulations and cutting-edge leadership training

Our enhanced programs featured on worksmart blog

Editor Joy Tang, of Worksmart Asia, has kindly featured our enhanced training programs, at http://worksmartasia.blogspot.sg/2018/01/flightleaderscom-to-enrich-programmes.html

Seamus Phan, speaking on "What's Next Leadership" to the Royal Aeronautical Society members in Singapore

What’s Next Leadership talk (20170116)

Seamus was invited to speak before the esteemed members of the Royal Aeronautical Society in Singapore, on “What’s Next Leadership – lessons from ancient China and Japan”, on January 16, 2017.

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