Pilot and leadership transformation in the age of AI

landing an aircraft

Our CTO Seamus Phan presented a session at the prestigious Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium (APATS) 2023 in Singapore, under the Pilot Track, on “Pilot & Leadership Transformation in the age of AI“. The key question many pilots may wonder is, will AI replace them in the flight deck?

When we think of artificial intelligence or AI, its hype seem to permeate through every industry, with some people already thinking that AI would replace some of the human workers, or even displacing entire sectors of industries altogether. Aviation is no different. Aircraft manufacturers and airlines are hoping for AI and automation to eventually replace at least one of the operating pilots in a two-pilot flight deck, if not replacing all human pilots altogether eventually. But is that possible for the foreseeable future? Let’s explore some of this.

1. What is AI?
2. Is AI ready?
3. EASA AI Roadmap 2.0.
4. AI use cases in the aviation industry.
5. Will AI replace pilots?
6. A glimpse into what can pilots do with AI today.
7. And one more thing…

This work is in collaboration with Capt Michael Caston, both consulting at FlightLeaders, a division of McGallen & Bolden Group.

View the edited YouTube video based on part of my presentation during the symposium. You can also find all our YouTube videos on mainstream audio podcast platforms.