We offer a customizable Interactive Training Program, the BRM™Leadership Decisions, to help pilots, healthcare professionals (doctors, surgeons, ER professionals, crisis response professionals) make good decisions based on our fundamental guiding principles from our Servant Leadership for Aviation programs.

The customizable Interactive Training Programs are of the following format:

  • Full-day program
  • Introductory principles and facilitated lecture, on Critical Decision Making
  • Interactive Video segments for decision making
  • Facilitated classroom Role-plays with more complex scenarios requiring parallel and simultaneous complex decisions (with underlying principles from CRM and MCC)
  • Discussion and Debrief

We will be happy to customize our leadership training programs for your airline or business. Talk to us.

Meanwhile, you can try out our interactive demos of our interactive training program for BRM™Leadership Decisions for Pilots.

Demo 1 – Contaminated wings

Demo 2 – Fireworks

Demo 3 – 45 minutes delay

Demo 4 – Bad weather